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Located in Seymour Arm, ETB Excavating is dedicated to serving North Shuswap communities.

Family owned and operated we take pride in our work and have an outstanding record of 100% client satisfaction, read more to find out how we can achieve this.


Whatever the project we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right!

Excavating Services

Ditching, Drainage and Septic tanks


Placement of aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stone

Light Construction

Building Retaining walls and setting forms for decks etc

Tree Management

Tree & Stump Removal including slash pile burning and removal

Seasonal Services

Snow removal, Spring cleaning and ground preparation 

Clearing Services

Land and lot clearing, creating driveways and parking solutions

Why Choose Us

We have achieved 100% client satisfaction through the following principles. 


Clients are satisfied with our pricing because we charge by the hour, making our prices fair. You will only be billed for time spent working. 


We keep in touch with our customers, before, during and after we have completed a project, including sending pictures and progress updates along the way. 


We have all of our credentials, and are insured, bonded, WCB, Liability and BBB certified.


When you trust us with your project we respect that trust by being reliable, punctual and maintaining an excellent working relationship with our clientele. 


Tell us about your upcoming project or needs, we offer free estimates and consultations!


Experienced in working in the area and industry we have the knowledge to make sure the job is done right. 


We can provide a variety of high quality aggregates for any project. 


Our high quality sand products are made by separating fine materials from sand deposits. Applications include bedding for pipes or septic fields, beach or sandbox construction or concrete requirements. It includes crusher fines, reject sand and sand with salt.


We are able to supply most if not all rock materials necessary for any size of landscaping job – from backyard projects to larger scale commercial landscaping. From smaller smooth rocks to larger boulders, we deliver amazing products to make your project spectacular.

Top Soil

Enriched with organics like manure and woodchips our nutrient dense, fertile topsoil is suited for a variety of applications including gardening, turf installation and improving soil drainage. Start your garden or lawn off right


From pea gravel for above ground projects we can provide various shapes and sizes or crushed stone for underground applications such as backfill, drainage solutions or pipe bedding. This base material is primarily used in driveways and pathways and is excellent for providing traction and drainage in wet weather.

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